Various disciplines and technologies fuse seamlessly in our integrated media, marketing and branding solution. MediaOneUp partners businesses to help them achieve the twin objectives of a unique and unassailable brand image strategically positioned in a competitive market and increasing sales as well as value addition.

Our comprehensive services cover :

  • Creative branding for strategic positioning of your company, product and services
  • Marketing collaterals to support in the form of graphic design, printed literature
  • Video and films
  • Media planning, consulting, advertising, Public Relations, promotions, trade fairs, exhibitions
  • Online marketing and promotions, web design, SEO, SEM

We believe an integrated solution from a single agency is far better as regards outcomes and cost control than having various companies handling different aspects. Here is why.

  • It is difficult for a client to collaborate and coordinate with various agencies. With MediaOneUp you have a single point of contact.
  • MediaOneUp carries out an in-depth analysis of client, their products and the competition in order to craft a winning strategy.
  • MediaOneUp professional teams coordinate with each other to harmonize strategies resulting in higher impact and lower costs. Nothing can go wrong or go out of timing because we have perfect interaction.

MediaOneUp has a 360 degree approach to marketing and sales. With depth and width to our services we can finely tune each aspect and deliver results that would not be possible if you farm out work to different agencies.

For us, it is results that matter and not profits. Operating in a transparent way, we are geared to help clients succeed even if it means putting in extra effort and time to give something unique and of value. We are friendly yet professional, following a strict code of ethics where customers' interests occupy centre stage. We deliver results.

Why MediaOneUp?

Integrated Solutions

MediaOneUp's strategic portfolio of services gives us an inherent advantage in delivering the finest, cost effective integrated solutions for advertising, marketing, branding and online services.

A Higher Level of Understanding

We are better able to understand a client, his product, his market and his objective and come up with more powerful solutions whereas individual agencies would only handle specific parts of the responsibility.

In-house Team

Since we have most such services available in-house, our rates are low, especially when offered in the form of a packaged solution.

Industry Knowledge

We know how all links in the chain work and provide strong, linked services that deliver far superior results quickly and more effectively. Timing is perfect as is the strategy. We deliver superior results and put you ahead of competition.

Single Point Solutions

Advertising, brand building, promotions, marketing and sales all require integration of diverse services. A company could hire various agencies to carry out these various services. However, in this case, collaboration and coordination becomes difficult. It is also more expensive. Media OneUp offers a single point window to all these services and, as a result, coordination and collaboration become easy.



Advertising is our forte. Our advertising creates unique brand identities, generates awareness and demand, and drives sales.

Our comprehensive advertising services cover:

  • Our team constantly researches media and people in order to keep tabs on various media and associated statistics that help us maintain an extensive knowledge base that acts as our prime decision making resource
  • Capability to pick media, timing, channels in order to reach the targeted demographic mix at the lowest cost and generate maximum results
  • Online media advertising and advertising over radio, TV, print, sponsorships, promotions and through hoardings as well as exhibitions and trade fairs. We cover all the bases.
  • Create ad materials for various media, from design to final production.

Our advertising campaigns are well crafted, highly strategized and tactically implemented to give you the maximum returns on investment and impact that lasts.

Film Production

Film Production

MediaOneUp has its own in-house film production studio and team besides tie ups with specialists in the field. Film production is a complex and expensive process involving in-studio shooting as well as in-field shooting at various locations. With our expertise in film production we manage everything, from picking locales to performers, studio scenes to scripting and live sets to full 3D animation.

Our capabilities in film production cover

  • Advertising and promotional films
  • Corporate films
  • Internet Viral films
  • Product films
  • Training films
  • Informative and Educational films

We are just as comfortable using standard film equipment as we are with latest digital technologies backed by scripting to post production. Whether it is an advertising short or a short offbeat film, we can do it and add a fresh dimension that will truly impress our clients.

Public Relations

Public Relations

MediaOneUp serves individuals, business owners, institutions, government organization, politicians, leaders and professionals with polished public relations services. Closely integrated with our marketing and advertising services, public relations service creates a positive image in the mass consciousness about individuals and about a company.

We shape public opinions and influence people. Our PR services bring about changes in how people perceive companies and brands and also keep them informed of latest developments. We create favorable and lasting impressions.

The various outreach channels include:

  • Traditional print and TV as well as radio to gain publicity and to disseminate information or news about latest developments
  • Maintain communications within various branches and departments of an organization
  • Leverage digital media and social media as a strong outreach and interactive platform
  • Build relationships with media channels for positive promotions and reporting
  • Personalized contacts with decision makers at top levels

Our PR achieves what you wish: better exposure, better image, better interactions and better sales.

Branding Identity

Branding Identity

MediaOneUp custom strategies help define your band and create a unique, niche position with instant recall in the mass consciousness. In an where thousands of brands compete for attention, our tactics create an indelible footprint with positive associations that nurture people and convert them into customers. The brand becomes the company and its driving force in the market.

Our team of graphics experts, designers, media professionals, marketing experts and researchers combine their talent in putting together the perfect mix of logo, graphics and text as well as colors and themes for a distinctive identity. The brand speaks for itself.

We follow a well defined process of understanding your company, your products, the target audience as well as competitors. We identify the chief motivating factor for customers and bring it out strongly in the brand image. Our strategy positions your brand above the competition and connects with the audience.

Print Production

Print Production

MediaOneUp has its in-house team of creative talent comprising of graphic designers and typography experts working together to create marketing collaterals. Our expertise lies in crafting the finest design keeping in mind the print process, paper on which it is printed, the target audience and your objective for the finest, cost effective outcomes.

Our print production service covers

  • Printing of brochures
  • Printing of leaflets and catalogues
  • Printing of flyers
  • Company stationary including invoices, letterheads, business cards
  • Hoarding and banners

What differentiates us is that we factor in print production processes at the start of the design in a no-compromise approach. The paper and type of paper is matched closely to the design and the print process as well as the printing machinery. We are adaptive and flexible in choosing between the finest print quality for brochures that will serve as your brand ambassadors and mass mailing products that could do with cheaper alternatives but with no less impact.

Collateral Design

Collateral Design

MediaOneUp's expertise in collateral design stems from the fact that it is an integrated marketing solutions company. Collateral design by our experts is influenced by inputs from research and marketing teams to provide cohesiveness and consistency that establishes a strong brand identity through the visual process.

Collateral design covers

  • Letterheads, invoices, business cards, identity cards, business mailers
  • Flyers, danglers, product packaging design, point of sale materials to create demand and sell products
  • Brochures, catalogues and leaflets that impress prospective clients
  • Large format posters, hoardings, banners and billboards

Collateral design in the current context does not stop there. It extends to digital media, websites , movies, advertising and also in the unified appearance of employees as well as the offices.

The harmonized design across various products projects a strong image of professionalism and builds trust, essential to establishing lasting business relationships. First impressions can be lasting and we create impressions that last a lifetime.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services are carefully aligned with a client's objective to reach specific customers across diverse geographic regions in order to give maximum returns. We leverage the power of internet to reach out to a global audience. However, broadcasting can generate results that may not be in line with expectations. As such we narrowly define areas before implementing tactical strategies moulded to psychographic profiling of customers in that area.

Our digital marketing services are flexible and modular covering

  • Search engine marketing and PPC campaigns
  • Banner advertising on various portals and e-commerce sites
  • Email marketing and SMS marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Each digital marketing strategy can work alone or as part of an overall campaign. The specifics are carefully discussed before implementation keeping in mind outcomes as well as cost that suit budgets. Online digital marketing costs less to reach out to a wider segment and establish a decisive market lead.

All digital media services are offered through our partner organization. Please visit here for details.



MediaOneUp provides A to Z exhibition services. Our team keeps tabs on upcoming exhibitions and maintains contact with exhibitors. We can arrange stalls for clients wishing to participate in national level or international exhibitions. The service covers everything including booking a stall, designing the stall, arranging for transport of products followed by publicity to create awareness and drive footsteps to your stall.

We also organize exhibitions on behalf of clients. This service covers:

  • Booking a suitable location and planning the exhibition
  • Getting hold of sponsors for the exhibition if required and obtaining necessary permissions
  • Booking stalls by various business organizations
  • Arrange publicity and promotions in order to make the exhibition a success
  • Take care of logistics, travel and accommodation if required.
  • Organize teams of on the ground service and support staff at the site

We have a dedicated team of professionals to handle exhibition covering industrial, fashion, garments, plastics, chemicals, IT and jewelry in any location in India or abroad. 

What We Do

A creative boutique? A strategic consultancy? An integrated marketing firm? An ad agency? yep, we are definitely all of those. But MediaOneUp offers something more exhibiting unique characteristics.



MediaOneUp offers strategic and customized consulting services that will infuse your business with knowledge, the power of our experience and the strength of our expertise.

Flexible and adaptive consulting services can be availed in any key area related to marketing covering:

  • Product branding
  • Logo design, color themes
  • Advertising and media selection
  • Digital online strategies
  • Market development, market research and market strategies
  • Monitoring, implementation and evaluation of strategies
  • Improvements or modifications to existing products and processes

You may be a startup or an established company looking to create a greater market impact. In either case we align strategies and deliver advice that will become the basis of an action plan. Benefit from our professional expertise and consult us before you spend. It will make a huge difference to the outcome now and in the future.



There are tasks you could carry out in-house by employing professionals. However, this proves expensive. This is where outsourcing the entire or part of advertising, promotions, online presence, marketing and sales to MediaOneUp gives you a tactical advantage.

Benefits of outsourcing to MediaOneUp

Try us. We make all the difference to your business.


Meet our fantasic support team

People are our strength. We are proud to have finest innovative, creative and result oriented people dedicated to serving clients.

Our teams comprise of

  • Graphic designers, visualizers and layout artists
  • Print and production media professionals
  • IT professionals, content creators
  • Film and video experts
  • Marketing professionals
  • Researchers

You will interact with various teams at one stage or the other and you will find them responsive and understanding of your needs. At the same time each is competent and knowledgeable in his field of specialization. We respect our people and their talents and encourage them to pursue creativity.

There are people working in the front end, interfacing with clients; there are people in our organization seamlessly handling various outsourced projects and there are people handling back end operations. Each is important, a vital cog in a gear that makes us tick so effortlessly and powerfully in your service.


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